Kinamed SuperCable® Trochanteric Grip & Cable-Plate System

This next generation system of trochanteric grips and cable-plates utilizes the clinically proven SuperCable® polymer cerclage system while also providing the unique option for use of either compression or locking bone screws. Locking screws offer improved construct rigidity, improved fixation in osteopenic bone, and the ability to place effective unicortical screws. Every screw-hole in all plate or grip sizes allows for placement of either a compression or locking screw for maximum flexibility and effectiveness in reconstructing complex fractures and osteotomies.

Features of the SuperCable Grips and Cable-Plates include:

• Ability to utilize locking or compression screws in any screw-hole.
• Ability to place a short locking screw directly into the trochanteric fragment or adjacent to implant components.
• Ability to preserve periosteal blood supply via use of locking screws.
• Polymer cables with fatigue strength superior to both wire and metal cables, thereby reducing complications due to cable fretting and breakage.
• Provision of long-term dynamic compressive loading across bone fragments, via the ‘Iso-Elastic™’ property of the polymer cables, to offer the possibility for better healing and increased construct strength.
• Cables can be easily retightened to adjust cable tension, both saving time and reducing the number of cables.
• “Periprosthetic” locking screws, available in 10, 12, 14 and 16mm lengths, provide for added thread fixation with short unicortical screws in the presence of an intramedullary implant.

SuperCable® Trochanteric
Grip & Cable-Plate System
SuperCable® Trochanteric Grip & Cable-Plate System


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