Illuvia® HUAIRS

Illuvia® HUAIRS is a portable, low-noise, in-room HEPA and Ultraviolet Air Treatment Unit. It uses patented UV-C Technology to reduce airborne pathogens, recirculating 500 cubic feet per minute of air, without creating cross-currents.

Product Features
- In room continuous UV-C and HEPA air decontamination unit
- Patented UV photolytic chamber that decontaminates harmful pathogens at high air volumes
- High efficiency air recirculation at 500 cubic feet per minute
- Photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) process to eliminate VOC’s and odours
- Continuous air quality sensor display providing real time intraoperative measurement and assurance of air quality
- Easily changeable particulate filter cartridges
 -Small foot print, low noise

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