INDERMIL® Flexifuze™

The latest technology in Cyanoacrylate tissue adhesive.

INDERMIL® flexifuze™ Topical Tissue Adhesive is a sterile, liquid topical tissue adhesive composed of an Octyl blend cyanoacrylate formulation.

INDERMIL® flexifuze™ is indicated for the closure of skin wounds, including laparoscopic incisions and trauma-induced lacerations and may be used in conjunction with deep dermal stitches.

• Sets in 30-60 seconds
• Long working life of 40 minutes which could be used for multiple incision sites
• Forms flexible layer
• Microbial barrier
• Patented flow control applicator which provides broad stroke for optimal wound coverage
• Shower proof
• Minimal exothermic reaction
• Transparent, no skin discolouration

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