MONOVISCTM provides long-term pain relief from early-stage osteoarthritis. MONOVISC works by replacing synovial fluid lost from the joint capsule with naturally-occurring hyaluronic acid. A single injection can provide up to 6 months pain relief from osteoarthritis1

The MONOVISC Advantage:

  • High dose – in studies, higher concentrations of HA show greater and longer lasting pain relief compared to lower concentrations
  • Single Injection – reduces cost and visits to the doctor
  • Non-Animal Source – MONOVISC is made from a highly purified, non-animal natural substance which has been used in medicine for over 20 years.
1. Clinical Efficacy and Safety of MONOVISCTM: A lightly cross-linked highly concentrated hyaluronan specially formulated for single injection in osteoarthritis. White Paper Study conducted by Michael J Daley, PhD. 2013